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DOS OUTROS | DINAMARCA | «Museums/Citizens and Sustainable Solutions»

Do Prefácio:
«Sustainability is at the top of today’s agenda – also for museums. The Danish Agency for Culture has therefore chosen to present the results of the National User Survey 2014 in the light of a sustainability perspective. This is based on a complex understanding of sustainability, which includes many different parameters. With the publication Museums – Citizens and Sustainable Solutions, The Danish Agency for Culture presents results, experiences and challenges that have been identified by means of the User Survey over the last six years. The User Survey is a tool for developing relevant and contemporary museums that provide access to culture for all citizens in every corner of Denmark. This is a clear objective in the Danish Museum Act. As mentioned in the comments to the Museum Act, the state owned and state approved museums are to “...contribute to putting the current societal development and debate into perspective. They are also to help form the basis for the solution of societal tasks. It is a key task for the museums to develop cultural and natural heritage as a resource in the Danish society, including the development of meaning and use of the same, both for the individual citizen and for society as a whole. The museums’ social role is to be strengthened, and the museums are to contribute to society’s development and to general education through experiences, inspiration, learning, critical reflection and active citizenship.” (...)».
E uma infografia, antecedida pela seguinte descrição (Pag.44):
 The User Survey provides knowledge about the users’ socio-economic background variables. This means the users’ gender, age and educational background. The numbers for 2014 show that women are still overrepresented at the museums, young people are underrepresented, and the users generally have a longer education than their proportion of the Danish population.
The gender distribution is uneven at the Danish museums. Women make up 62% of the Danish users, and 57% of the foreign users. Among the Danish users, women are most overrepresented at the art museums, where they make up 66%, while they account for 58% at the natural history museums. At the cultural history museums, 60% of the users are women. Women are overrepresented among the foreign users, albeit to a lesser degree than among the Danish users. Among the foreign users, men make up 57% at the natural history museums, whereas men only make up 41% of the users at the art museums. At the cultural history museums, the proportion of men among the foreign users is 44%. (...)». 

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