quinta-feira, 30 de março de 2017

«The Business of Inequality»

«Your own house is a good place to start. Addressing wealth distribution within companies, especially the disparity between executives and the lowest paid employees sends a strong signal that a better balance is needed.
 Economic inequality has been largely absent from corporate transparency and sustainability reporting. Companies are beginning to recognise the need to understand and report on the disparities in the way in which the company values people and activities in the supply chain. The SDGs provide a common framework that will help companies communicate about their economic impact and contribution.
 There are some standout companies that are supporting the most vulnerable amongst us. IKEA and Adidas show business leadership on their work with refugees. BT is focusing its tech literacy efforts on some of the most disadvantaged in society to help them into jobs. 
Business has shown bold leadership on climate change. Now is the time for more ambition on one of the other great challenges of our time: inequality».

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