terça-feira, 19 de maio de 2015

NO DIA SEGUINTE AO DIA INTERNACIONAL DOS MUSEUS | Visite o site do «National Museum of Women in the Arts»

Prolongando o Dia Internacional dos Museus 2015,  propomos uma  visita virtual  ao «National Museum of Women in the Arts», e detenhamo-nos em particular numa instalação programada que, bem vistas as coisas, tem a ver diretamente  com o lema deste ano - «Museus para uma Sociedade Sustentável»

 Organic Matters
Women  to Watch 2015 
 June 5–September 13 

No Blogue do Museu  pode ler-se  (destaques nossos):

«Organic Matters, the fourth installment in NMWA’s Women to Watch exhibition series, explores the relationships between women, nature, and art. Women to Watch is presented every two to three years and is a dynamic collaboration between the museum and participating outreach committees. The 13 committees participating in Women to Watch 2015 worked with curators in their respective regions to create shortlists of artists working with the subject of nature. From this list, NMWA curators selected the artists whose work is on view inOrganic Matters.
The connection between women and nature has a long history, one that is fraught with gendered stereotypes and discriminatory assumptions. The contemporary artists highlighted in Organic Matters build upon and expand these pre-existing conceptualizations by actively investigating the natural world, to fanciful and sometimes frightful effect. Collectively, their work addresses modern society’s complex relationship with the environment, ranging from concern for its future to fear of its power. Through a diverse array of mediums, including photography, drawing, sculpture, and video, these artists depict fragile ecosystems, otherworldly landscapes, and creatures both real and imagined». Continue a ler.

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