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DA VIDA DOS OUTROS | CANADÁ | «Women in Theatre»

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Mais antigo, de 2006, do Canada Council for the Arts, este estudo:

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Study Highlights
 • In the Canadian theatre industry key positions of creativity and authority are primarily male dominated. Women currently account for 33% of the artistic directors, 34% of the working directors and 27% of the produced playwrights. 
• Men are particularly hired as ADs, directors and playwrights in greater numbers than women at the larger, more established theatres, whereas women are found in greater numbers at smaller companies with modest to mid-size budgets.
 • While women constitute one-third of the nation’s artistic directors, people of colour comprise only 11% of these positions (6% female and 5% male). 
• With 1,945 productions staged by 113 surveyed companies between 2000/01 and 2004/05, 68% of the plays were written by men, 27% by women, and 4% were developed as collective creations. People of colour comprised 9% of the produced playwrights, with 5% of the plays written by men and 4% written by women. Overall, Canadian playwrights accounted for 60% of the total productions. 

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