quinta-feira, 6 de abril de 2017


Este pequeno filme passou no encerramento da CSW61 e sobre ele como pode ver-se aqui foi dito:

We are all “Alem”. This short film illustrates the significance of the work that we have done together, and the agreements we have reached. We are taking steps to make sure that Alem and her brothers will have equal opportunities, that her mother will understand that all the children need her support, and that she needs support too.  The father’s employer will make sure that he can be home, so that maybe the father can take the baby outside, allowing Alem and her two brothers to sit and enjoy the scholarship application movie. Investment in infrastructure for energy,  or water and sanitation will reduce the responsibility of care on the mother who we saw doing washing outside, so that she too has an opportunity to earn a living if she chooses to outside the home, and the overall quality of life of the family is enhanced. This is what we are trying to do. This is the story that this short film presents.  (...)». Leia na integra.

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