quarta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2018

MULHER-PALHAÇO | «Is clowning while female a radical act? »


Is clowning while female a radical act? Or just another day at the clown office.  
Clowning While Female!  A Conversation brings together women clowns to explore what they are going through – and coming up against as artists.   Moderated by Kendall Cornell of Clowns Ex Machina, this panel discussion will bring together funny women with varied perspectives and experiences ranging from circus, theatre, variety show, medical clowning, and street performance.   The discussion will focus on how their clown work and humor engages with our cultural norms -- artistically, industry-wise and clown-wise.  
Panelists are clowns, directors, teachers, and scholars and include Hilary Chaplain, Cecil MacKinnon (Circus Flora), Sonia Norris, Julie Pasqual, and others.  Kendall Cornell is a clown, and artistic director of the all-women clown troupe Clowns Ex Machina. ClownsExMachina.com (...)». Continue a ler.

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