terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2018

PARLAMENTO EUROPEU | ESTUDOS | «Backlash in Gender Equality and Women’s and Girls’ Rights»

The aim and focus of the present analysis is to map the backlash against gender equality and women’s rights in the recent years of the present decade in selected EU member states: Austria, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. These countries were selected taking into account Opinions, all Initiative reports or the Delegations that the FEMM Committee has programmed in the course of 2018. The analysis aims to identify and describe areas, measures and initiatives that have increased risks or have put women and girls in a more disadvantageous position, decreased the protection of women's rights, as well as eroded their established entitlements, or which have blocked related progress. The report does not provide a comprehensive and in-depth overview and assessment of the situation of women in the countries concerned, or of state performance and the institutional, legislative and policy framework in gender equality and women’s rights. It seeks to introduce the basics of that framework, and to describe those areas, policy fields and issues that are revealed to have been mostly affected by the backlash and by movement in a negative direction. In this context, the study also reflects on some missed opportunities where progress has not happened despite the potential for this, as well as reflects on new problems that have arisen in recent years. The analysis is based on desk research and a literature review, as well as interviews made with – and other contributions provided by – national experts in the relevant countries».  

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