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THINK TANK | «Woman Forward»

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E do site da Woman Forward:
«We are a non-profit organization, made up of people, men and women committed to civil society, willing to unite our efforts to promote women's leadership, increasing the participation of females in the areas of decision Of the social and economic sphere.
Aware of the high cost to society, both on the part of the inequality and injustice that implies, as well as the loss of competitiveness of the companies and the whole of society, the team of WOMAN FORWARD, wants to serve as a promoter and catalyst for Initiatives to alleviate this gap, both by promoting initiatives, and by adding to proposals from institutions, organizations, associations and other people.

Woman Forward wants to be a unifying voice of all those who want to join with practical and inclusive initiatives on the difficult path to gender parity and the creation of a better, more equitable and competitive society, capable of offering equal Opportunities and to promote that people can develop without limits by reason of their sex in all their capacities, and throughout their life». Continue a ler.

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