sexta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2019


«Welcome to the first Be Her Lead Conference!

You wouldn't be here unless you recognised some of the deeply rooted problems relating to gender and other structural inequalities in our society, and we hope you share our commitment to building a fairer, happier world. We founded Be Her Lead because we believe that our education system could be doing a whole lot more to tackle gender inequality, and today we want to talk about how we can collectively shake things up and kickstart positive change.
 This conference brings together many voices working to tackle a range of related issues - from teachers and educators, to other organisations tackling gender inequality, to women who want to increase access and representation in their industries. Community-building is at the heart of our mission at Be Her Lead, and our aim for today is to share experience and knowledge, encourage collaboration, and support each others' work».

Edith Johnson, Nell Byron, Eve Richardson & Sabina Lallian (Co-Founders)


O site da Conferencia: neste endereço.


Por exemplo, a participação da Feminist Library:

The Be Her Lead Conference aims to open up discussion about gender and education, and showcase fun and practical ways to support teenage girls with a day of active workshops, panel discussions and networking. The Feminist Library is participating with a workshop on feminist education, based on literature from the Feminist Library, and a pop-up library. 

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