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ANNE BRIGMAN | mulher das que no passado tiveram coragem

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When Brigman died, she left behind a rich artistic legacy that included photographs, two complete poetry manuscripts, plans for a children’s book, an unpublished memoir, and linoleum block prints, among other works. In all her work, she expressed herself as an individual and as an artist at a time when women’s voices were often dismissed or ignored. This took courage, as Professor Nemerov notes. (...)»

Da exposição havida
 no Nevada Museum of Art ,

«Anne Brigman:
A Visionary in Modern Photography»

«This major retrospective exhibition rediscovers and celebrates the work of Anne Brigman (1869-1950), who is best known for her iconic landscape photographs made in the early 1900s depicting herself and other female nudes outdoors in the Sierra Nevada. Brigman’s photography was considered radical for its time. To objectify her own nude body as the subject of her photographs at the turn of the twentieth century was groundbreaking; to do so outdoors in a near-desolate wilderness setting was revolutionary. Although the term feminist art was not coined until nearly seventy years after Brigman made her first photographs, the suggestion that her camera gave her the power to redefine her place as a woman in society establishes her as an important forerunner in the field. (…)». Continue a ler.

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