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ESTUDO | Sobre a implementação da «Resolução 1325» do Conselho de Segurança das Nações Unidas

«Fifteen years ago, Security Council resolution 1325 reaffirmed the importance of the equal participation and full involvement of women in all efforts for maintaining and promoting peace and security. In the years since, it has buttressed this decision by adopting six further resolutions on women, peace and security. 
I am personally committed to implementing these resolutions. I have highlighted women’s leadership in peacebuilding as a priority and appointed an unprecedented number of women leaders in the United Nations. It is essential to ensure that the UN is fit for purpose when it comes to women, peace and security, and that we become a model for all actors to emulate. 
Women’s leadership and the protection of women’s rights should always be at the forefront – and never an afterthought – in promoting international peace and security. In an era when armed extremist groups place the subordination of women at the top of their agenda, our response should be unwavering support for empowering girls and women. The newly adopted 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development reflects this priority with its emphasis on gender equality and respect for the human rights of all.
The Global Study on the implementation of resolution 1325 is an important part of the United Nations global agenda for change to better serve the world’s most vulnerable people. As noted by the HighLevel Independent Panel on United Nations Peace Operations and the Advisory Group of Experts for the 2015 Review of the United Nations Peacebuilding Architecture, changes in conflict may be outpacing the ability of United Nations peace operations to respond effectively. Any reforms must include gender equality and women’s leadership as central ingredients.
The Global Study offers new evidence, ideas and good practices that can help generate new commitments and implement old ones. Let us not squander the potential dividends of gender equality for peace and development. Empowering women to end and prevent conflicts is essential and urgent. I commend this Study. It is a call to action that all should heed». 

Ban Ki-moon United Nations Secretary-General

Ainda a propósito da Resolução 1325, a partir da ONU Brasil:

«Integração da mulher aos processos de paz e direitos humanos é foco de debate da ONU

Ban Ki-moon destacou que medidas de inclusão foram adotadas desde 2000, mas reconheceu a necessidade de maior participação das mulheres. O secretário-geral enfatizou ainda a importância de tomar medidas para proteger os direitos das mulheres mais vulneráveis, como as indígenas e as vítimas do extremismo violento.
“As vozes das líderes e ativistas mulheres pela paz são raras nesse fórum. Mas são as mais importantes que você vai ouvir hoje”, declarou a diretora executiva da ONU Mulheres, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, ressaltando os movimentos femininos para promover a justiça.
Mlambo-Ngcuka exemplificou a atuação das mulheres com os processos de paz na Colômbia e Filipinas acrescentando que, para construir a paz, uma “significativa inclusão de mulheres” se faz necessária». Leia na integra.

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