segunda-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2014

MIT | Cursos sobre «Mulheres» e «Género» disponíveis online em regime aberto

O curso da imagem é um dos que são disponibilizados pelo MIT, de forma aberta, online. Outros ver aqui onde se pode ler:
«Exploring gender with the tools of different, and often multiple, disciplines, Women's and Gender Studies subjects strive to help MIT students better understand how knowledge and value take different forms depending on a variety of social variables. In the course of their inquiry, students not only learn how to use gender as a category of analysis, but also reflect on the manifestation of gender in their own lives, leading to a range of personal and intellectual discoveries. Although gender is a central component of every subject, the study of gender requires attention to connections between gender, sexuality, race, class, religion, nationality, and other social categories; different subjects shed light on different aspects of such connections».  Leia mais.
E do espaço do curso 

«Feminist Political Thought»:

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