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Expresso, 13 setembro 2014

A notícia da imagem leva-nos a recordar o post JAPÃO | «Lugar onde as mulheres brilhem» | PRIMEIRO Ministro do Japão EM DAVOS, onde podemos ler:«(...) Japan must become a place where women shine. By 2020, we want women to occupy 30% of leading management positions – a goal that presupposes a more flexible working environment, as well as support from foreign workers to take over domestic and personal services. (...)». 

E fomos procurar mais, e ficámos a saber que, entretanto, de 12-14 de setembro 2014, se realizou a World Assembly for Women in Tokyo: WAW! Tokyo 2014 de que se pode saber aqui.

Ainda, sobre  o processo em curso no Japão Hillary Clinton já se pronunciou, por exemplo: «Much has been made of how far Japan still has to go to bring the number of female workers up to the level of its counterparts. But Hillary Clinton—seen as potentially the first female American president—pointed out to Japan’s biggest ever conference on women’s issues that that the U.S. also has a long way to go.
In a videotaped speech to a largely adoring crowd, Mrs. Clinton highlighted that paid leave is one area the U.S. still lags behind even Japan.
“The United States, unfortunately, is one of a handful of developed countries without paid family leave,” the former secretary of state said in a video address to attendees of a Japanese government co-hosted conference on women’s issues». Continue a ler.

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