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«Race, gender and the elephant in the room»

12th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture: Gender in Dialogue

«On 10 August 2014, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet facilitated a Gender
 in Dialogue event, a discussion about gender-based violence and women’s rights.
 The event at the University of Cape Town’s Jameson Hall formed part
 of the 12th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture Series, in partnership
with the African Gender Institute and UCT».

Na Universidade da Cidade do Cabo, no passado dia 10 de Agosto, teve lugar «The Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture Series Gender in Dialogue» de que se pode saber no site da Fundação Nelson Mandela.  Em particular, temos Race, gender and the elephant in the room. Excertos do que lá se pode ler sobre a Conferência e  relativamente à iniciativa da universidade: 
Annual Lecture 2014
Her Excellency, President Michelle Bachelet of Chile, will present the 12th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture on 9 August, 2014.
This event marks the 52nd anniversary of Mr Mandela’s capture on 5 August 1962, a milestone in Mandela’s journey towards the achievement of democratic freedom in South Africa.
The lecture will be held at the historic City Hall in the City of Cape Town, a significant and poignant venue, as it is from this location that Mr Mandela gave his inaugural address to the people of South Africa after being released from prison in 1990.
The theme of the 2014 lecture is Building social cohesion through active citizenship, a topic that can be distilled into the sub-themes of: education for participation, democratic co-operation through the notion of community and, identity and alienation with a specific focus on youth.
The date of the lecture, 9 August, has further importance as it is National Women’s Day in South Africa and marks the anniversary of the 1956 Women’s March to Pretoria. In one of the largest demonstrations staged in this country's history, 20 000 women of all races marched to Pretoria's Union Buildings to present a petition against the carrying of passes by women to the then Prime Minister, J G Strijdom. The Federation of South African Women famously challenged the idea that 'a woman's place is in the kitchen', declaring it instead to be 'everywhere'. Continue a ler.
E na esfera de «Race, gender and the elephant in the room»:
The event at the University of Cape Town’s Jameson Hall took place the day after she delivered the Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture in the Cape Town City Hall. The Gender in Dialogue event formed part of the 12th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture Series, in partnership with the African Gender Institute and UCT.
What is that we are doing wrong? What is that we haven’t addressed? I don’t have the answers, otherwise I would win the Nobel Prize, but I have some ideas …” she said as she joined the debate after an early-morning visit to Robben Island (...).
In her opening address, Bachelet said: “To be honest I don’t think we need to empower women, because women are powerful.” But she added that there was no “one-size- fits-all” solution to the problems facing women around the world.

“Poverty has a female face,” she said, citing statistics that showed the gap between the developed world and sub-Saharan Africa, urging that everybody had to do better on gender issues, even developed countries. (...). Leia na integra.
E, claro, nada melhor do que assistir  ao video acima apresentado.
Em especial, detive-me na passagem da Presidente Bachelet em que diz isto: «In some instances, government had the legal framework but no money for implementation; in others, they might have the budget but not the political will».
E nestas palavras de Graça Machel: Introducing President Bachelet, Machel said there were two challenges the “human family” was grappling with, and there was no clear path on how to solve them: “One is race. The second is gender.”
Parece-nos possível esta síntese: pessoas que tanto reflectem estes assuntos têm dúvidas, mas isso não as limita na ação.

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