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NO DIA INTERNACIONAL DOS MUSEUS | Museus de mulheres | Mulheres nos museus

No Dia Internacional dos Museus uma revisitação a museus que se centram nas Mulheres, nomeadamente na esfera das artes, e sobre uma rede  para refexão sobre a intervenção das mulheres nos museus. Assim:

«The International Museum of Women is an innovative, online social change museum that amplifies the voices of women worldwide through global online exhibitions, history, the arts and cultural programs.
IMOW blog is updated by the Museum team regularly, with a focus on women's arts, culture and current events through a global lens».
«Founded in 1987, NMWA is the only major museum in the world solely dedicated to recognizing women’s creative contributions.
By bringing to light remarkable women artists of the past while also promoting the best women artists working today, the museum directly addresses the gender imbalance in the presentation of art in the U.S. and abroad, thus assuring great women artists a place of honor now and into the future». 
E o blogue do NMWA - Broad Strokes: The National Museum of Women in the Arts' Blog


«Mission -  The National Women’s History Museum educates, inspires, empowers, and shapes the future by integrating women's distinctive history into the culture and history of the United States.
Vision - The National Women’s History Museum’s vision is to build a world-class museum at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The National Women’s History Museum currently raises awareness and honors women’s diverse experiences and achievements through its dynamic online museum, educational programs, scholarship and research. Once housed prominently among the other great museums of Washington, D.C., it will create better understanding and greater partnerships among men and women. The National Women’s History Museum will be the first museum in any nation’s capital to show the full scope of the history of its women and will serve as a guiding light to people everywhere».


The network of the women´s museums

«The network womeninmuseum is a loose union of Women’s Museums, initiatives and museums dedicated to women.
There are 50 women’s and gender museums and 14 women’s museums initiatives in different countries nowadays. These museums are very important for gender informing and education of people, for improving of role women in society, for implementation of equal rights and opportunities. The activities of these museums are quite various. They support different women’s art, tell the history of women of their country and support scientific projects. But information about their acitivity is unknown for the wide public. Today some of these museums began to consolidate their efforts and look for the possibilities of cooperation and interaction.
The network was created at the 1st International Women’s Museums Congress in June 2008 in Merano, during which the institutions passed a resolution encapsulating the concept of the «Women’s Museum» and defining their common objectives.
The network womeninmuseum its tasks as follows:
  • to increase the visibility and acceptance of Women’s Museums
  • to actively support each other
  • to make use of the internet plattform in order to push ahead the work of network».
E a terminar o endereço do ICOM Portugal. E a mensagem do seu Presidente sobre o Dia Internacional dos Museus: «Este ano o tema do Dia Internacional dos Museus é As Colecções criam Conexões – momento para o qual os nossos museus preparam uma grande variedade de iniciativas que reforçam os museus como locais de ligações que ultrapassam a realidade intrínseca dos objectos, técnicas, valor simbólico, emocional e imaterial que ultrapassa fronteiras, situando os museus como locais de encontro de culturas e vivências sociais únicas.Gostaria de vos informar que estamos a preparar um conjunto de iniciativas que pretendem dar a conhecer o ICOM-PT e a sua actividade a um número cada vez maior de profissionais de museus em Portugal e aprofundar o intercâmbio de experiências com as comunidades lusófonas».  Continue a ler.

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