terça-feira, 14 de novembro de 2017


Um excerto no capitulo das artes:

«PRIORITIES AND GAPS - Within the arts and media, there are strong examples of progress towards gender equality in production and a significant body of work spelling out clearly the detrimental impact of the way women and girls are portrayed. However, there is no consensus on the major change required to sustain a fundamental shift in the current paradigm; the entertainment industry is ‘slow to progress in creating compelling and complex roles for females’. In 2015 the LSE Commission on Gender Inequality and Power recommended the formation of a UK-wide standing committee tasked with addressing the flaws in data and analysis and commenting publicly in response to high-profile negative portrayals of women, and this offers a positive mechanism for best practice. More consistent gender expertise in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport would support the government to act across the cultural agenda and to address the links between media images and coverage and VAWG highlighted by the Leveson Report, which concluded: ‘the images may reflect a wider cultural failure to treat women with dignity and respect and/or a practice which, intentionally or not, has the effect of demeaning and degrading women». 

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