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INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CORPORATION | «strong gender strategies»

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«A report from the International Finance Corporation has provided new evidence about the business benefits of closing the gender gap across the value chain after examining companies in low and middle income countries.
Illustrated through nine in-depth case studies, the study offers quantitative data to show how gender-smart interventions can boost profits and productivity, and create efficiencies for companies, with a special focus on strategies which go beyond a well-documented business case for hiring more women to senior leadership positions.
While much has been written about the positive impacts of gender equality on regional or country-level economic growth, less is known about the impacts at the firm level, a gap the IFC report Investing in Women: New Evidence for the Business Case, aims to fill.
Alexa Roscoe, strategy and innovation officer at IFC, said the report’s findings were drawn from a wide variety of programs and organizations». Continue a ler.

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